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Acee Hughes

" I have enjoyed participating in Sit Step Sing with Debra for more than a year. I have appreciated the knowledge I have gained in the classes and the actions and how they have helped me. I particularly appreciate the opportunity for comradship with the other people that participate that I would not normally see in my daily life. Having regular class time helps me with the discipline of action and movement. I appreciate all the effort and knowledge that  Debra has and has put into Sit Step Sing."

For us, the best part about the Sit Step Sing Program is building relationships with our customers and making sure they leave happy and satisfied. We’ve included some of their feedback below to give a snapshot of what it’s like to work with us. If you have feedback or a testimonial you’d like to add, feel free to reach out today.


"I have just finished my third session of Debra Saalfield’s “Sit, step, sing” senior fitness class.  Wow, what a great way to work out!
Her classes are chair exercises with a wonderful balance of tempo and challenge.  And, while it looks so simple, Deb manages to engage all muscle groups in her routines and make it fun.
Besides enjoying the singing along – we’re now on holiday music - I can’t believe the improvement in my mobility and strength.  That’s saying a lot since I have Parkinson’s.
I would highly recommend Deb’s classes to any young at heart senior looking to get fit."

Brent D. Smith
Activity Assistant/CNA
Deerfield Episcopal Retirement Community

"I feel that Debra leads a wonderful, focused and fun exercise class. Our residents always enjoy participating in her class and leave with a smile!
She provides a positive, relaxed atmosphere that anyone can enjoy. She is a true asset to our program!"

Janet - Hendersonville, N.C.

"Sit Step Sing is a fun, energetic and very healthy way to have fun that anyone can do. Its exercise at the same time! My friends and I look forward to our Thursday morning with you every week."


"I suffered a stroke in February of this year, which paralyzed my left side, and I spent three weeks in a rehab facility re-learning how to stand, walk and speak.

After rehab I had at-home OT and PT support for 8 weeks. Recovery is slow and requires lots of effort to retrain the brain and revive muscles. I previously had been a Silver Sneakers participant, but presently am not yet able to perform those activities.

As an alternative, I have been attending the Sit/Step/Sing classes for several months now and am highly satisfied with the class. It is just what I need to progress further in my recovery. Today a classmate commented that my ability to move my left leg has noticeably improved. That is encouraging and a testament to the value of this exercise regimen. I have recommended it to others."

Paige Mueller
Lifestyle Director

"Debra came to Lely Palms Retirement Community at the end of 2019. She offered our community a free class to give our residents the opportunity to give feedback before we committed to a schedule with her.  My assistant, Nancy, sat in on this first class and immediately came back to my office ranting on about how wonderful the class as and how she thinks we should do it every week. She mentioned that the 8-10 residents who had participated in class also thoroughly enjoyed it.  I personally asked a few of those residents how they felt about it and shared the great feedback with my management team.  The nursing department spoke up immediately regarding having class more often because it would be very beneficial to our residents. Debra treated our residents wonderfully and really cared not only about their health and physical well-being, but even began getting to know them on a more personal level. Lely Palms Retirement Community believes that Sit Step Sing is a wonderful  activity to have on any Senior Living Community calendar."

Dan D.

"A series of hip surgeries caused me to abandon regular exercise due to balance and mobility issues. Sit Step Sing has enabled me to return to exercise helping rebuild strength, stamina and flexibility.
A good workout as well as a lot of fun with great music!"

Leigh Bullen

Life Enrichment Director

"My name is Leigh Bullen and I am the Life Enrichment Director for Terracina Grand located in Naples, Florida.  Terracina is an Independent, Assisted, and Memory Care facility. We pride ourselves in providing Life Enriching programs for our residents. Debra Saalfield was a wonderful addition to our activity calendar. Debra came to Terracina and provided Sit Step and Sing instruction for our residents two times a month. She connected with them on a level that was rewarding and enriching. Debra takes great pride in her delivery and how she engages with the geriatric clientele; two ingredients that are vitally important when providing a Life Enriching Program. It was a pleasure to have Debra a part of my activity calendar."

Katherine Acosta
Engagement Director

"We have been pleased to work with Debra for the past months.  She is a great Sit Step and Sing instructor and really gets the residents engaged. Our residents are always asking when she will be back again. Debra is flexible with her schedule and is very accommodating. She is always on time and even chats with residents on her way out. She is patient and kind to the residents and does a great job instructing their next moves. I am sure she would be great in any type of environment, not only around seniors. We really appreciate the work she does for our residents at Barrington Terrace in Naples."

Fran D.

"I have really enjoyed this class so much. I was looking for a class for my upper body. I have a problem with my balance due to a stroke in 2018. I am feeling it in my arms and mid core, love it. Debra Saalfield is so good."

Julie C.

“Sit, Step, and Sing has been a refreshing addition to our activity program, and as part of my client's exercise program. The music livens up the seated exercise group and is a good fit for varying levels of care.”

College Walk Senior Living 

"Sit, Step, Sing is a fantastic exercise program that our residents absolutely love.  After Debra’s demo we knew this was a program that we needed more than just once a week.  The music is a perfect fit with the exercises and our residents are getting stronger with each class.   We are so thankful to Debra for bringing fun and exercise together for us!"

Tracy Anderson

"Debra Saalfield does a fantastic job with her seated dancing class at our senior citizen community.  Everyone looks forward to her weekly visits!"

Marilyn and Andy Price 

"An ingenious way to have fun, get truly healthy exercise that benefits both the mind and the body, while being with others in a relaxed , friendly setting.  Debra has a sparkling personality which adds to the enjoyment."

Flat Rock, NC 

Brookdale Resident

"I love it! I believe it is the best exercise program here. The music and singing make it even more interactive. I look forward to Sit Step Sing with Debra each week."


"This is one exercise class I don't want to miss!"

Debra W.

"I look forward to class. I like how I feel after each class I have with Debra!"

David L.
Activity Assistant 
Deerfield Episcopal Retirement Community

"I have only positive comments to share about Debra Saalfield’s Set Step Sing senior fitness program that our skilled nursing and assisted living residents enjoy twice weekly each month.  Debra’s excellent choice of great songs compels each participant to sit step and sing according to their unique level of ability.

Debra is very professional, punctual and great to work with. I highly recommend the Sit Step Program as a smart exercise activity because It’s fun and produces results."

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