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One area of medicine where the power of music has been particularly remarkable is in the treatment of the dementias, including Alzheimer's disease...

(AARP The Magagzine Dec 2023/Jan 2024)


Word on the Seat

"I'm a 92 year old Marine. My wife and I moved to Carolina Village three years ago, and she got into all these activities right away. She kept telling me about this great exercise class. Sit Step Sing. I thought how do you get exercise sitting in a chair listening to music? Well, you do, every part of your body, along with brain stimulation. You can feel improvements happening. This class is great, the music is great and Debra is great."

Dick and Nancy Burns

"When I awaken on Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning, I am smiling because I am going to attend Sit Step Sing. It helps me on many layers both physically and mentally. The music is applied to exercise to fill our bodily needs. We enjoy the class and it helps our body and brain. The instructor keeps us moving and smiling. At the end of the class I feel relaxed and at ease. I believe the movements help not only my own body but my brain. Thank you Debra, for an outstanding class."

Beverly Creedy

"I have danced since a kid- ballet and tap. At my age of 82, I have the chance to dance and sing again. My brain, body and memory like it too! Debra and Sit Step Sing are the highlight of my week."

Marianne Sinclair

Founder/ Director

Sit Step Sing

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Hendersonville, NC 

(239) 777-0791

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