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Your customized exercise program at home

Enjoy one-on-one senior fitness training in your home. Sit Step Sing is perfect for anyone who would prefer to exercise in a chair, wheelchair or walker. Debra Saalfield provides custom fitness instruction that you can follow on your computer. Or, experience one on one customized exercise inside your home or outside on your porch or patio.

Sit Step Sing is a one-of-a-kind exercise system using rhythmic movement to enjoyable music. Specific playlists are selected for you. Participants find increased mobility in their arms, legs, shoulders, feet and hips.

Debra's keen eye recognizes strengths and weaknesses as she addresses the client's motor skills. As an added benefit, clients experience an increase in emotional and intellectual brain function. Above all, Debra's private custom fitness instruction is now available so that you can follow on your computer when you want or experience the benefits of one on one attention inside your own home or outside in a space convenient for you to exercise in a chair. 

Call Debra today to find out more details on Sit Step Sing at Home.

(239) 777-0791 

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