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There's nothing boring about getting fit with these classes! Watch this short video and experience the joy of Sit Step Sing!

"Recent studies have shown that music's power over us is not purely psychological but based on measurable physiological changes. Singing along to a beloved song...causes the brain chemical oxytocin, a naturally occurring hormone that creates the warm sensations of bonding, unity and security that...infuses us with feelings of spiritual awe; and can alleviate chronic pain or the debilitating sensations of anxiety..." (AARP The Magagize, Dec 2023/Jan 2024, pp 63-74)

WPVM 103.7 Community Radio Interview

Hank's guest, Debra Saalfield, is a former competitive ballroom dancer and since 2005, a professional ballroom dance instructor. When her husband lost a hip and half his pelvis to bone cancer, Debra designed Sit Step Sing, a chair fitness program that is now being utilized in independent, assisted, skilled, and memory care facilities with great results.

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