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The Sit Step Sing Class

Provides wonderful health benefits!

Senior fitness participants in the class often isee improved muscle function, greater flexibility, stress relief, a stronger core and whole body support. Sit Step Sing exercises provide a reduced risk of falling and/or re-injury and balance improvement.Debra's keen eye recognizes strengths and weaknesses as she addresses the group's motor skills. As an added benefit, residents usually experience increased emotional and intellectual brain function while participating in dance fitness.

Take a look at some recent comments from  Sit Step Sing students...


Alberta Carpenter

" We all love " Sit Step Sing" because we love Debra. She is fun and funny. Debra changes the music and we love the old songs -- our kind of music. The exercises are making us stronger every day."

Gale Sanders

" I highly recommend Sit Step Sing as a moderate directed overall body movement and strengthening program. I enjoy this program all while seated moving to, listening to singing along with upbeat music and, as desired, even free style dancing. Friendships are easily developed and my day is brightened and energized. I have personally improved strength, balance and endurance, and look forward to ongoing progress".

Jackie and Larry Branscum

" We've really enjoyed going to Sit Step Sing classes regularly for several years. Not only do we notice stronger core muscles and better posture, but we are stretching and strengthening muscles that are not used much in everyday living. Debra is very aware of the physical strengths and needs of her students and adapts the program to their needs. She shows wonderful creativity in instruction, communicates her attention to detail clearly, and makes the classes fun!"
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